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My name is Desiree, and I am very excited to introduce you to my company, "Diamonds by Desiree."  This company has long been in the works for me, truly before birth. Going back to my grandparents, and great grandparents, and their long standing connections to the diamond and jewelry world from Europe, to New York, and eventually here in Los Angeles.  I was raised from an early age with a great love and appreciation for jewelry.  My grandmother, who was an artist, sculpture and jeweler, would take me frequently to Gem and Jewelry shows.   I would work alongside her during many home shows, and classes that she taught.  From my grandparent's, I have been blessed with a very beautiful collection of estate pieces, that I have lovingly redesigned and repurposed for myself over the years.  I have wonderful access and relationships with the wholesale jewelry world, and am able to offer beautiful handmade, and custom pieces for excellent prices.  


In my time off from working with elegant golds and gemstones, and dreaming of magnificent pieces, I am a wife, mother and teacher.  I am an avid runner and gym goer, lover of gardening/ nature, Ram Dass, religion, inappropriate jokes and comedy. I advocate for freedom of the mind, body and spirit, and am an overall grateful member of this wild journey we call life.   


Please think of me for repurposing family heirlooms, or that special gift for a loved one, or yourself.  Shalom, Namaste, Peace- and may fabulous jewelry be unto you.

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